Bone Fragments

We sat down with our friend, Felicia Bone, to chat about her artwork, favorite new artist, and amputation.

Tell us how Bone Fragments started?

Bone Fragments kind of manifested itself over time. ‘Bone’ for my namesake & because I use real, ethically sourced animal bones. ‘Fragments’ because I’m a self-proclaimed hobby enthusiast & cannot settle on one specific type of art. So everything I create is a piece of me. Hence, “Bone Fragments” How do you source your materials? I’ve always been enthralled by nature. In my pursuit to deepen that connection, I spend a lot of time outdoors. Usually I stumble upon them & in some cases, I’m gifted them by other nature loving friends & family.

What made you choose this medium?

Bones are freakin’ awesome for one!!! Hahaha! But really, I love animals & I love being a conduit for others to appreciate their beauty & lives in an honorable way.

Who is a recent WV artist you’ve discovered who you love?

Rachel Dennison!!! I’m obsessed with her creations!! She uses her paintbrush to give inanimate objects, plants, & animals haunting personalities & emotions that open up a whole new possibility of reality.

What’s your fave weird person, place, or thing out of WV?

Just being here is weird tbh. Haha! Good weird though. WV is such a magickal place. Rich in ambient environment & good souls. Underrated as it may be, our lives are sacred here. We’re a diverse, independent, resilient, & most of all-WEIRD group of people.

If you were a box of cereal, what would you be and why?

Probably some Kashi organic kind that has a different dried fruit in it every few months bc Kashi realizes you can be healthy, delicious, & versatile. But alllllso- they keep changing the look of the box so its just constantly in the ‘manager’s special’ section.

Where can people find your art?

I do prefer to show in person- specifically at Beckley Art Center. In the future, I’d love to showcase my works at different Oddities & Curiosities events. However, if you’re not local & cannot make it to Beckley, You can find my current works on Insta, FB, & Etsy-@Bone_Fragments304.

If you had to have a leg ambulated, would you keep it? And what would you do with it?

I would, without a doubt, keep it & do a sliced articulation of the entire leg. It would be a gigantic display but totally worth it.




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