12 Strange Laws in West Virginia

Ashley | 30 – 08 – 2021

West Virginia Weird City Laws

There are tonnes of weird laws in the U.S. then there are West Virginia laws like the following:

Swear Jar

West Virginia takes civilized communication to the next level. Do you know that you can be fined $1 if someone heard you swear in public?

Colors and Dress Code

It is illegal to possess a red or black flag in WV. You are also disallowed to wear hats inside a theater. Good luck hiding that bald spot in the dark!

Domestic Violence Is Allowed 

We all know it’s illegal but, if you are a resident of WV then, you can hit your wife on a Sunday morning in public on the courthouse steps and walk free of charge. 

Walking Your Pet

Not sure about a bear or a puma but it’s illegal to walk a lion, tiger, and leopard even on a leash because rules are rules in Alderson, WV. 


There is an ongoing debate on whether states should encourage consuming roadkill or not since drivers have begun to intentionally kill animals for food. West Virginia laws are Okay with consuming roadkill. There is an annual festival in Marlinton to celebrate this.

Stupid Laws in WV

Are you up for a dose of dumb laws in WV, or do you want to jump straight to the quiz? 

Fun and Frolic

Nobody on a casual vacation would like to drown and die. Stupid laws in WV will definitely restrict you if you have any other intentions. Do you know that you are not allowed to whistle underwater? 

You can also be jailed for half a year if you were to make fun of someone for entering a challenge. Firemen are allowed to flirt with women who pass through the firehouse. 

But, Why?

You will be taxed 1 cent for every 9 and 12 ounces of coke bottles purchased. Get written consent from your neighbors before you go digging for ginseng in their lawns. 

WV also has a strict law prohibiting children whose breath smells like wild onions to attend school. Garlic is okay I guess.

PDA and Adultery

Live-in couples can be jailed for a year if they were to associate lewdly with each other but you can walk away by paying $20 dollars for adultery. 

Three Is a Crowd

Never give anesthesia to women if you are a male doctor or dentist! WV law states that women can be put under anesthesia only if there is another person apart from the doctor/dentist in the room. 

Game of Knives

WV is a stand your ground state but it has some pretty stupid laws about open carry. WV state laws say that individuals below the age of 21 can carry switchblades but aren’t allowed to conceal them. 

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