Hey, Andrew. Thanks for taking some time out to chat with us today. We really love your artwork and we’re stoked we could include some of your stickers in our giveaways in March!

Were you born and raised in West Virginia?

What is your favorite medium?

Who is one of your favorite WV-based artists that you have discovered recently?

You have artwork on Weathered Ground Brewery’s Haggard IPA. Do you have any other new things or collaborations coming up we can check out?

We talked briefly not long ago about beer can artwork. What are some breweries you would recommend our readers to check out for cool beer can artwork and great tasting local craft beer?

I know it’s hard to pick just one, but what’s your favorite weird person, place, or thing from West Virginia?

If you had the chance to photograph the ever-elusive Bigfoot or just hang out with him for an entire day with no photographic evidence, which would you choose and why?

What is a question you hoped we would ask you but didn’t? (ask and answer your own question if you’d like to!)

Where can people find your art in-person and/or online?

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